Educational Movement Systems

Massage, Bodywork, and Somatic Movement Therapy

With over 3500 hours of training and in practice since 1981, I offer several avenues for massage, bodywork, and somatic movement therapy that all fall under my self-empowering approach that I call Educational Movement Systems (EMS). Experience matters. If you’ve tried many different types of bodywork or somatcs and are still looking for the advanced practitioner to align and balance your body for a lasting change, you owe it to yourself to make an appointment now. 


·       Relief from chronic pain patterns
·       Improved posture and alignment
·       Better body awareness
·       Easy and effective exercises that you can do at home to keep the changes

EMS Massage is a system of structured manipulation and movement of the soft tissue of the body that combines Swedish techniques, cranialsacral therapy, lymph drainage, and neuromuscular techniques ­­such as trigger point therapy and myofascial release. In EMS massage sessions, clients are coached in basic somatic skills, such as body awareness, breathing, and progressive muscular relaxation and control. The primary goals and benefits of EMS massage are relaxation, pain relief, and passive realignment.  

EMS Bodywork
is a structural integration approach that combines hands-on work, active techniques, neuromuscular patterning, and movement education. In EMS bodywork sessions, clients are actively engaged with assisted-movement techniques to activate core muscles and stretch adaptively shortened muscles. The overall goals of EMS bodywork are to relieve myofascial pain, improve muscular balance, and restore normal motion—in short, to improve posture and ease of movement. The benefits of EMS bodywork include relaxation, pain relief, improved alignment and muscular balance, and learning self-help tools for making postural corrections. 

EMS Somatic Movement Therapy is a client-centered and educational modality that helps people consciously change maladaptive mind-body patterns associated with pain and dysfunction. The primary techniques used in EMS somatic therapy are somatic awareness, movement, and patterning exercises with overall goals of improving psychophysical awareness and embodiment. Each session provides clients with personalized tools to address their body patterns and to practice at home for self-improvement of posture and movement. 

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EMS Massage or Bodywork ......60 minutes-$80 ......90 minutes-$120

EMS Somatic Movement Therapy.......60 minutes-$70 .......90 minutes-$100

SENIOR DISCOUNT.......10% off           STUDENT DISCOUNT .......60 minutes-$70 .......90 minutes-$100



"I’ve been a massage therapist for 30 years and have had many different types of massage. Mary Ann gives the best massage I’ve ever received; she knows just where and how to work, and the changes are long lasting."   Annie

"Mary Ann helps you activate core muscles during the bodywork session in an easy way that leaves you feeling taller and more centered, and shows you how to keep these changes from session to session." Allison

"Each session with Mary Ann takes you on a journey inside yourself and brings you back feeling better than ever. I never knew deep tissue could be so relaxing. " Kayla

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Sessions are held at my home office
on Jotipa Dr. in Longmont.

Mary Ann Foster, B.A., R.M.T. is a somatic practitioner, educator, and author ofSomatic Patterning (EMS Press, 2004) and Therapeutic Kinesiology (Pearson, 2012). Mary Ann has practiced massage therapy since 1981 and maintains a massage and bodywork practice in Longmont, Colorado. 

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