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Save your back with easy and practical Somatic Patterning
exercises. Your body will be glad you did!

Somatic Patterning is the first book of its kind to provide a comprehensive overview of the somatic field. It will save you time and money because it consolidates diverse information about somatics from the groundbreaking body-mind therapies, as well as traditional information about patterning based on biomechanics.

Somatic Patterning covers a broad array of topics, including working with reflexes and developmental patterning to change deep-seated patterns, patterning joint and muscles function to improve efficiency and performance, and exploring organic and fluid movement approaches to release deep levels of stress. SP also presents exercises based on the latest research for training postural muscles to achieve joint stability.

Somatic Patterning is well documented with a comprehensive history, glossary, endnotes, bibliography, and index. It has excellent special features plus numerous photos and illustrations that make it a user-friendly sourcebook. Special features include a bridge to practice box for massage therapists and bodyworkers, links to practical application, and body stories (case studies).


Somatic Patterning is popular with self-starters who want practical exercises and research-based information to help them help themselves!

"I'm reading your amazing book . . . going through all of the exercises . . . each one unleashes a small avalanche of changes."  --Ken Levinson 

"Love your book, can open it at any page and be absorbed by it." Susan Salvoni


Here's what reviewers have said about Somatic Patterning:

 “This new book fills a significant gap . . . provides a whole overview of the field of somatics . . .I can heartily recommend this book as one that will end up dog-eared on your desk, not pristine on your shelf.”  
Tom Myers, review for Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies

“Somatic Patterning is two books in one a movement and posture text for somatic practitioners and students; and a source of posture, movement, and body/mind exercise for readers and their clients.”    Don Schwartz, review for Massage Magazine

“. . . a comprehensive resource manual for Rolfers, movement teachers and somatic practitioners interested in working with body-mind awareness as a therapeutic intervention . . . skillfully organized . . . a valuable addition to your professional library.” 
Carol Agneessens, review for Structural Integration: The Journal of the Rolf Institute


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Mary Ann Foster, B.A., R.M.T. is a somatic practitioner, educator, and author ofSomatic Patterning (EMS Press, 2004) and Therapeutic Kinesiology (Pearson, 2012). Mary Ann has practiced massage therapy since 1981 and maintains a massage and bodywork practice in Longmont, Colorado. 

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